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Social Security

Occupational disability, unemployment, exceptional medical expenses, social support, income support, study support… 

The Netherlands has a comprehensive social security system. If ill-health prevents you from working for a prolonged period, you may be eligible for a form of occupational disability benefit. If you cannot find work, you are likely to come within the scope of the unemployment benefit system. Assistance is also available for those who require care and for whom nursing or supervision is indicated. People with medical conditions whose homes need modification are also aided by the state. And financial support is extended to people on very low incomes and to people who would otherwise find it difficult to study beyond school age.

In short, people in all sorts of difficulties can claim benefit or assistance from the state. 

However, the process of making a claim doesn’t always go smoothly.
For example, the Employee Insurance Scheme Executive Body may take the view that your medical condition doesn’t prevent you working. Or that it is your own fault that you don’t have a job.

Other things can go wrong too: the local authority may decide to withdraw your income support or that you don’t actually need a particular aid in your home.
An official might decide that a much lower level of care is indicated in your case than you have been used to. Or you could get a repayment demand, because you failed to send in your travel documentation by the relevant date. 
In many cases, when decisions such as those described go against you, an appeal can be made. If the relevant department or agency still does not accept your arguments, you have the option of legal action and, if necessary, an appeal to a higher court.

Our wide-ranging experience in the field of social security enables us to give sound, practical advice and to act on your behalf if legal proceedings are taken.