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Insurance Law

Moree Gelderblom Lawyers has a knowledgeable team working in insurance law: the field of law covering the legal relationship between an insurance provider and an insured person or organisation.

As well as needing sound advice about the legal implications of a policy’s wording, both insurers and insurance buyers require assistance if problems arise with a policy. In these and other situations, Moree Gelderblom Lawyers is there to help. We can provide support, for instance, if you suffer a loss or need medical treatment, but your insurance company refuses to pay your claim.

However, Moree Gelderblom Lawyers doesn’t only represent insurance claimants. Our clients also include insurers seeking to recover settlement costs from the parties ultimately liable for their customers’ losses or injuries. Moree Gelderblom Lawyers is always willing to offer support and advice.

If you need help with anything relating to insurance law, please contact Peter Langstraat.

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P.N. Langstraat

Peter Langstraat