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Employment law

Moree Gelderblom Lawyers also has a team of employment law specialists, who provide consultative and representative services to employers and employees.

We offer expert assistance in connection with employment termination proceedings (through the courts or quasi-judicial channels), reorganisations, the amendment and harmonisation of compensation and benefit packages, drafting employment contracts and all related topics.

Services for employers

Moree Gelderblom Lawyers is the place to go if you have questions about:

  • Dealing with an underperforming employee
  • A planned reorganisation
  • Occupational disability procedures
  • Summary dismissal regulations and procedures

Services for employees

Advice and support if available to employees facing issues such as:

  • Proposed termination of employment
  • Withdrawal of benefits, such as a lease car
  • Reduction of pay in the context of occupational disability
  • A company takeover with uncertain implications

Employment law is a dynamic and continuously developing field. So it pays to have an Moree Gelderblom Lawyers expert on your side, who is up to speed with all the relevant issues.
If you need help with anything relating to employment law, please contact Sietse Voogt, Onno Visser, Christian van Bemmel or Theo Dollee.


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