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Building law

A new building, renovation or conversion project is a complex business. Along with the technical and financial aspects, there are considerable legal implications. Both for contractors and for people and organisations that commission building work, it is good to know in advance what legal protection you would have if something went wrong.

What can you do, for example, if your contractor goes out of business before the building work is finished? Or if a conversion isn’t done the way you wanted? If you are a contractor, what happens in the event of a client refusing to pay for extra work that you have done?

Being highly experienced in this field, Moree Gelderblom Lawyers can advise you about purchase and realisation contracts and assist you in arbitration proceedings, such as those held within the Home Building Guarantee Institute’s Arbitration Division or the Dutch Building Industry Arbitration Council. If you need help with anything relating to building law, please contact Robbert Flipse.

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